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Strength in Numbers: Understanding the Brand Power of the Lottery
Wednesday, 3:45pm - 4:15pm ET


Gregg Edgar

Executive Director, Arizona State Lottery


In his role as Executive Director, Gregg Edgar manages the Arizona Lottery’s efforts to meet its core mission: supporting Arizona programs for the public benefit by maximizing net revenue in a responsible manner.


Edgar came to the Arizona Lottery with almost a quarter century in the communications, public relations and government affairs industries. As the Chief Operating Officer of a public relations agency in the Phoenix and Washington D.C. markets, he helped to build international and national brands through global news outlets such as Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and radio networks. Locally, he directed client communication strategy and events for brands such household names as Arizona Public Service, Carl’s Jr.-Arizona, Intel, M&M Mars, Inc., Shea Homes and the Pat Tillman Foundation.


Edgar has a wealth of experience in political communications as well, working with the Republican National Committee and even The White House. He is especially proud of his service to the nation as the Lead Staff Advance Representative for President George W. Bush on foreign and domestic visits. Notably, Edgar managed the trip of President George H.W. Bush and President Bill Clinton to the tsunami-ravaged region of Indonesia in 2005 and served as a Deputy Operations Director for the 54th and 55th Presidential Inaugural Committees. In 2004, Edgar served in Baghdad, Iraq, as the Deputy Director of Advance for the Coalition Provisional Authority and as the Production Manager of the Presidential Palace Studio. He toured Iraq with Ambassador Paul Bremer and Interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawai, organizing their interactions with the Iraqi people. Edgar also worked closely with the U.S. military and the Iraqi interim government as part of the authority’s strategic communications operations, managing the construction and operation of the palace television studio to reach out to the Western and Pan-Arab media.


Gregg earned his bachelor's degree in Political Science from Arizona State University. He and his wife Margaret live in Chandler with their seven children.


Khalid Jones

Principle, Kolier Group

Khalid Jones is an attorney/investor and Principal at The Kolier Group, a business development firm focused on assisting established and early stage businesses identify innovative revenue generation solutions and their implementation. Prior to Kolier, Jones was a partner in SourceRock Partners, a boutique investment firm and family office focusing on investments in the real estate, media, sports and technology sectors. He also spent a decade as an attorney practicing Securities Litigation in law firms in NY and Washington DC. Jones has spoken at venues such as MIT’s Enterprise Forum, as well as previous NASPL events, on the subjects of interactive streaming platforms, eSports, blockchain and sports analytics.

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