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 Monday, October 26 

DeskCon Kickoff: A Word From NASPL's Executive Director
David B. Gale, Executive Director, NASPL
Angela Wong, Director, Montana Lottery

 Noon - 12:30pm ET 


NASPL Awards: Powers and Ott Brown Scholarship
 12:30pm - 1:00pm ET 


NASPL Awards: Radio, Print, Corporate communications and Responsible Gambling
 2:00pm - 2:30pm ET 


Neuroscience Insights into the Crazy Ways our Brains Make Money Decisions
Graeme Newell, CSP™, 602 Communications

 3:00pm - 4:00pm ET 

A lot of us believe our financial decisions are primarily based on a reasoned evaluation of hard data, but new neuroscience research is revealing that we primarily make money decisions with our subconscious brain. 


In this fun and example-packed presentation, neuroscience researcher Graeme Newell reveals the latest revelations from the science of behavioral finance. You’ll learn to recognize the subtle behavioral clues that a money decision may be based on irrational thinking or hidden emotion. Graeme reveals the moments when consumers are most vulnerable to impulsive decision making.


Using fun exercises, weird brain games and fascinating science, Graeme takes us on a captivating tour of how our deeply flawed brains navigate the world of money.


Graeme Newell is an author, speaker and the president of 602 Communications, a neuroscience research and consulting firm that specializes in behavioral finance. Graeme shows audiences how to make smarter money decisions using the latest brain science insights.


Graeme utilizes a new generation of neuroscience technology that uncovers the very strange ways our very flawed human brains make decisions. Using brain scanning machines such as EEGs and MRIs, he gets direct feedback on the effectiveness of human decision making. Graeme doesn’t just ask customers their preferences, he peers inside their brains to see which emotion centers are lit up.


Graeme has delivered more than 400 speeches at events in 25 countries around the world. His presentation makes complicated brain science simple and fun. Most importantly, he leaves audiences with a toolkit of actionable tactics they can put to use right on the front lines.


Graeme Newell has done speaking, research and consulting for corporations across the globe, including GE, Disney, Sony, CBS, Madison Square Garden, Comcast, and Universal Studios.


You can find out more about Graeme at:



Video Blog




 Tuesday, October 27 

In-Lane Sales: Optimizing Consumer and Retailer Solutions

Paul Riley, VP Retail Innovation and Partnerships, IGT and NASPL API Tech and Retailer Subgroup Chair
Gregg Edgar, Executive Director, Arizona Lottery
Ryan Mindell, Lottery Operations Director, Texas Lottery and NASPL API Working Group Chair

Adam Caughill, Director, Retail Lottery Innovation, Ontario Lottery and Gaming

Stephanie Martinez, Business Centers Operations Manager, H-E-B

 Noon - 1:00pm ET 

Providing first-rate sales procedures for consumers and retailers is an essential objective for any industry. 


In this session, our expert panel will provide insights as to why in-lane sales are an untapped opportunity for lotteries and why this opportunity is so important - now more than ever. Panelists will also present an overview of the NASPL API & In-Lane Sales Initiative - from concept to reality - and discuss the importance of the cooperative effort among lotteries, service providers, and retail partners. Current successes, challenges, and future offerings will be examined as well.

NASPL Awards: New Media, Multicultural and Hickey
 2:00pm - 2:30pm ET 

Positive Play Strategy: A Case Study from the Hoosier Lottery 

Katie Carlson, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility & Compliance, Hoosier Lottery
Richard Wood, Ph.D., Owner, GamRes

 3:00pm - 4:00pm ET 


The Hoosier Lottery was the first in the U.S. to objectively measure Positive Play among base players using the Positive Play Scale (Wood et al, 2017), and we now have a three-year comparative analysis available.


The Hoosier Lottery has promoted Positive Play to our players since Problem Gambling Awareness Month in March 2019. We used a Positive Play strategy when relaunching our website in December 2019, making interactive features more accessible to our players. In this case study, we will share our three-year results, demonstrate how we are using the results to implement tools, and show how we are aligning business strategies to Positive Play key performance indicators.


Attendees will gain an understanding of:

  • How to apply research to business practice

  • How to execute a Positive Play Scale Survey

  • How to analyze results and implement science-driven policies and practices

  • The limitations of a Positive Play strategy

Katie Margaret Carlson is the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Compliance at IGT Indiana, working on behalf of the Hoosier Lottery. She has a Master of Liberal Arts degree in extension studies - sustainability from Harvard University; a Master of Business Administration from Bryant University in Rhode Island; and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Rhode Island, where she was a double major in political science and Italian. For the last 14 years she has been at IGT, supporting efforts to legalize and expand regulated gaming, and mitigate gambling-related harms.

Dr. Richard Wood, owner of GamRes, develops and evaluates responsible gambling initiatives such as Gamgard, which supports socially responsible game design, and Gamtalk, which provides free online support for people with gambling related issues. He has spearheaded the concept of Positive Play – shifting the focus to encouraging positive play and cultivating responsible gambling beliefs and behaviors amongst players. Dr. Wood also led the development of the Positive Play Scale (PPS), the first ever instrument to measure and optimize responsible gambling strategy. You can find out more about Dr. Wood on LinkedIn.


Wood, R. T. A., Wohl, M. A. J., Tabri, N., & Philander, K. (2017). Measuring responsible gambling amongst players: Development of the Positive Play Scale. Frontiers in Psychology, 8, article 227.


 Wednesday, October 28 

A Research Perspective: How Has Lottery Survived and Adapted During the Pandemic? And Where Does It Go From Here? 

Simon Jaworski, President, US Office, Leger 

 Noon - 1:00pm ET 

Join one of the world’s leading experts on lottery and gaming research, Simon Jaworski, as he analyzes the key industry trends occurring during the pandemic. Questions examined include:


  • How can Powerball and Mega Millions bounce back from a "low jackpot" six months?

  • Where have new Scratch players entered the U.S. market? And will they remain?

  • What changes do draw game consumers want moving forward, post-pandemic?

  • Is iLottery critical to future lottery growth?

  • Will sports betting take center stage again? And now that the NFL is back, how will this affect lottery play?

Gambling and Sports: As Long as There Has Been Currency, There Has Been Gambling
Ken Averill, GameSense Advisor, Encore Boston Harbor
2:00pm - 2:45pm ET 

In this fun and interactive presentation, you will learn a little about the history of sports and gambling, the importance of a regulated environment, and the financial relationships between many sports companies and gaming companies. 

Today, gaming brands and sports brands are also often comingled and are popular with consumers. For example, you may have seen a lottery ticket branded with an NFL or MLB team, or you may have seen a casino’s name on the Green Monster at Fenway Park. This has often helped to drive sales and engage new customers, for both the gaming operators and the sports leagues.  And, it has also sparked some very creative and engaging marketing campaigns.

With this said, the integrity of games – whether they are lottery, casino or sports games – is important. It is important to include responsible gambling safeguards and protections for the health and safety of their players and their employees. This presentation will help us to all stay mindful of these health and safety measures.


Ken is a trusted and experienced GameSense Advisor (GSA) at Encore Boston Harbor in Massachusetts. He has also worked as a GSA at the MGM casino property in Springfield. Prior to becoming a GSA, Ken spent 25 years working in casinos across the U.S., in Connecticut, Louisiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, California, and Las Vegas. His expertise is in table games and operations. Ken is also an avid sports fan and he played hockey at Fitchburg State.

Innovative Partnerships: Walmart and the Arizona Lottery

Raynie Hosto, Deputy Director, Customer Service & Sales, Arizona Lottery

Anne Johnson, Director, Retail Services Team, Lottery & Automated Kiosk, Walmart Stores Inc.

 3:00pm - 4:00pm ET 


Continuously looking for innovative ways to improve the player experience, the Arizona Lottery is partnering with Walmart to make redeeming big winners in northern Arizona easier. With no state lotteries in Utah and Nevada, many players come to Arizona to purchase lottery products; and when they win $600 or more, a 400-mile roundtrip trek to Phoenix was in their future to redeem their winnings. Now, with a customer service office located inside a Walmart Supercenter in Kingman, Arizona, this first-in-industry model reduces players’ need to travel to Phoenix to collect those winnings. In addition, this is a great opportunity to test a full-service model in a Walmart store.


From District Sales Supervisor to Deputy Director of Customer Service and Sales, Raynie Hosto has been a part of many exciting changes in the industry since joining the Arizona Lottery in 2006. Before joining the lottery industry, she worked for over 20 years in retail grocery where she held many roles, including Store Director. In her role at the Arizona Lottery, she oversees customer service operations, which includes four teams located across the state, in Tucson, Phoenix, Sky Harbor Airport, and now Kingman. In addition, she oversees the team partnering with retailers across the state to grow sales and improve the retailer experience.


Anne Johnson currently serves as the Director of Lottery and Automated Kiosk for Walmart Stores Inc., based in Bentonville, Arkansas. In her 34-year career at Walmart, Anne has worked in multiple areas of the company: Store Operations; Training & Development; Marketing; the Walmart Foundation; and currently, the Retail Services Team. If you’ve ever worked with Anne, you know that she engages with a high degree of passion and credibility, that is mixed with just a little bit of off-the-wall humor and craziness – proving you can work hard and still have fun!


 Thursday, October 29 

Buddy Roogow Innovation Awards: Best New Instant and Best New Draw Games Presentation

 Noon - 1:00pm ET 

These awards recognize the efforts made to create and communicate the innovative attributes of instant and draw games for increased sales potential. Entries will be judged on the following criteria: innovative aspects of the game; cost/benefit analysis results; strategic analysis and insight; and visual appeal.

Race for the Win: Leveraging Experiential Prize Partnerships in a COVID-19 World

Gregg Edgar, Executive Director, Arizona Lottery

Chris Rogers, Deputy Director, Marketing & Products, Arizona Lottery 

Julie Giese, President, Phoenix Raceway

 2:00pm - 2:45pm ET 

As lotteries grapple with the challenges presented - to retailers, players and themselves - by the COVID-19-influenced retail environment, the Arizona Lottery is building on its long-standing relationship with Phoenix Raceway (formerly Phoenix International Raceway), by developing and marketing a successful new progressive Fast Play™ game.


As home to the 2020 NASCAR Championship Weekend, Phoenix Raceway will be front and center on the sport's biggest race day, scheduled for early November. Despite the difficulties the pandemic presents to this event and the retail climate, the $2 NASCAR Championship Weekend Fast Play instant progressive game, which launched in early August, is outperforming every other category ticket at this price point.


In addition to its lucrative progressive jackpot and prize structure, the Arizona Lottery's NASCAR Championship Weekend Fast Play ticket also features a Players Club component, where winners can obtain a VIP Experience, further engaging players in this exciting venture.


Learn from Phoenix Raceway President Julie Guise, a seasoned leader in the sport and one of the most influential women in Arizona, as she joins Arizona Lottery Executive Director Gregg Edgar and Deputy Director of Marketing and Products Chris Rogers to share their case study of this co-branded product launch.

Keys to a Successful Innovative Game Launch
Erica Williams, Director, Terminal Generated Games, Kentucky Lottery Corporation

 3:00pm - 4:00pm ET 

The Kentucky Lottery launched a new category of instant terminal games in October 2019. This new category, called Fast Play, far exceeded expectations, maintaining double digit per caps fourteen weeks post-launch.


Erica will share the launch strategy that led to this success, from the games and features offered at launch to sales training and marketing support. In addition, she will discuss the impact of this launch in a year with very few Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots over $250 million. Finally, Erica will illustrate how lessons learned from this successful Fast Play rollout were applied to subsequent game launches, including CASHPOP and Win Place Show.


Erica joined the Kentucky Lottery as Manager of Promotions and Consumer Relationship Marketing in January 2014. She was promoted to Draw Games Product Manager in April 2016, and was then promoted to Director of Terminal Generated Games, following the launch of the new instant terminal games category in October 2019. Erica graduated with a degree in marketing and organizational leadership from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.


 Friday, October 30 

Hiring Practices: Hiring Those that Represent Our Customers 
Katrice A. Albert, Ph.D., Third Eye Consulting Group, LLC 
 Noon - 1:00pm ET 

Listen! Do you hear it? The voice of equity-mindedness and inclusive excellence grows stronger! If we are serious about our development and evolution as conscious and inclusive leaders, change-makers, and NASPL members, then intentional efforts toward enhancing our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and engagement should be of the highest priority. This session, with national thought leader Dr. Katrice Albert, will discuss powerful possibilities and practical strategies for diversity and inclusion, believing that any organization can advance inclusive excellence, regardless of size or sophistication, and that anyone can lead efforts within their sphere of influence, regardless of position. As David Ulrich, international human resources guru, suggests, “When people are given challenging responsibilities, autonomy to control their outputs, participation in decision making, and visible and valuable recognition, it meets virtually all of the criteria for effective rewards.”


This presentation will inspire and coach you in ways to practice diversity in recruitment and hiring; engage your community; develop allies and advocate relationships; act as a "way maker" in the industry; and become a standard bearer of equity-mindedness and inclusive excellence. 


Dr. Katrice A. Albert has masterfully interwoven the areas of inclusive excellence, higher education, intercollegiate athletics, culture, and engagement with a penchant for people-centered talent management and mission-driven visionary leadership. 

A champion of access and opportunity, Albert is the founder and managing member of Third Eye Consulting Group, LLC, a diversity consulting firm. In this capacity, she helps educational entities, corporate and nonprofit outfits, governmental agencies, and civic organizations reach their inclusive excellence goals. With more than 25 years of purpose-propelled experience, she provides transformational business solutions, sustainable equity and inclusion strategies, and culturally-responsive leadership development services steeped in a focus on diverse top talent and the communities they serve.

Albert has a distinguished career in higher education and intercollegiate athletics. Most recently, she served as the executive vice president of inclusion and human resources at The National Collegiate Athletic Association. Previously, Albert served as vice president for equity and diversity of the University of Minnesota system, and before that as vice provost for equity, diversity and community outreach at Louisiana State University.


NASPL Awards: TV, Special Categories and Best of the Batch

 2:00pm - 2:30pm ET 


A Word from our New NASPL President
Angela Wong, Director, Montana Lottery

 3:15pm - 4:00pm ET