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Think Different, the Disney Way!
Tuesday, 12:15pm - 1:15pm ET

Do you wonder why most of your best ideas come to you in the shower, during your commute, while falling asleep, or some other unexpected place?

Have you ever pitched a new idea, only to watch it get diluted or killed as it moves through the processes? Are you curious to know how Walt Disney came up with the idea for a Disneyland or how Netflix completely revolutionized the movie rental industry?

In his over-25-year career at the world’s most innovative organization, the Walt Disney Company, Duncan Wardle learned many important things about building a profitable business and a winning creative culture. The most important? If you want to be different, you have to think different!

Leaning on his experience as the Head of Innovation & Creativity at Disney, Wardle takes audiences on a journey, providing them a unique set of innovation tools and techniques. These include the breakthrough “What If” creative thinking tool, made famous by Walt Disney himself, who used this concept to pivot his company from simply an animation house to an entertainment and theme park pioneer.

After this immersive crash course, you will leave with an actionable set of behaviors and tools that will immediately help foster a culture of innovation and creativity in your company.


Duncan Wardle


As Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney, Duncan Wardle and his team helped Imagineering, Lucasfilm, Marvel, Pixar and Disney Parks to innovate, creating magical new storylines and experiences for consumers around the globe.


As founder of iD8 & innov8, he now brings his extensive Disney experience to audiences around the world using a very unique approach to Design Thinking, that not only places the end user at the core of the creative thinking process, but also looks in new and unusual places to uncover insights for innovation, helping people capture unlikely connections, leading to fresh thinking and disruptive ideas.


Delivering a series of keynotes, workshops and ideation forums, his unique Design Thinking process helps companies embed a culture of innovation into everyone’s DNA.


Wardle is a multiple Ted X speaker and contributor to Fast Company Magazine. He teaches master classes at Yale, the University of North Carolina, Duke University and the University of Florida. In 2008 he received the American Citizen of Choice Award at the White House. In 2014 he was awarded an honorary doctorate from Edinburgh University in Scotland. He also holds the Duke of Edinburgh Award presented by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

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